Krystal Mayo is an independent artist, with no formal training, who has found a unique way to use her talent to touch the lives of people all over the world. Interestingly, Krystal shares, “I used to take my gift for granted.” Growing up, Krystal enjoyed art and drawing but she never considered it as a career path. Krystal thought her journey to success would be more traditional – go to college, earn a degree and, then, climb the corporate ladder.

However, as a college student at Prairie View A&M University, Krystal’s artistic journey began to unfold when she was asked by a fraternity to design some paddles. A fraternity brother taught her how to cut wood into a paddle. Krystal’s success skyrocketed when her sorority asked her to create paddles to sell as a fundraiser at the group’s district convention. Her designs were such a big hit that people began to request customized paddles.

Even after she graduated, the Krystal’s customized paddles were still in high demand. Being naturally creative, Krystal expanded her repertoire to include jewelry, wine glasses and graduation caps. Graduation caps have become the most popular and most requested item. In the early stages of the graduation cap venture, Krystal’s sorority asked her to design their graduation caps. This act of support was integral to the exponential growth in Krystal’s notoriety. Seeing her success and the growing client demand, Krystal’s sister encouraged the budding artist to officially launch her business KMM Artwork.

Now, before one year ends, she is already receiving orders for the next graduation year. She even has clients across the pond in England. Krystal takes her clients’ trust and confidence very seriously. She personally designs and paints each cap. Krystal creates one-of-a-kind designs for each client, making no two graduation caps alike.

Krystal’s clients do not see their graduation caps until the finished product arrives. Krystal says the most rewarding part about what she does is seeing her clients’ emotional reaction to her work. She is humbled and honored by the fact that, even though she may not be there physically, she is still part of her clients’ big day.

Although Krystal never imagined a career as an artist and entrepreneur, she no longer takes her gift for granted. She wholeheartedly embraces her journey. She fully understands that, by embracing and using her talent, she is making impact in the lives of people she may never meet. However, on top of everything she already does, Krystal now teaches painting classes, which allows her to touch the lives of people that she can meet.


Everyone is gifted in their own special way. Unfortunately, some people never open their package. Some people never maximize their potential. Don’t be like those people. Open your package. Share the gifts that were given to you for a reason. All of the brilliance and creativity within you is not meant to remain bottled inside. Your skills, gifts and talents are not meant to lie dormant but to be actively used to create change, to make impact. There is someone out there waiting, someone who needs what you have.

You are filled with significance and purpose. You have gifts and talents that set you apart, that make you special, unique and dynamic. Those ideas that keep you up at night, the dreams that set your soul on fire are all part of your purpose. Trust that the dream, the vision would not have been placed in your heart if you did not have what it takes to carry it out.

Give yourself permission to walk in your greatness. All that you are, all that you’ve experienced and all that you’ve learned is part of your purpose. Don’t hold back. Unleash your gifts. Spread your sparkle and sprinkle your shine! When you use your gifts to impact other people’s lives, you tap into your destiny, you step into your purpose and you see your own life change.