Jennifer Mills and Mariam Ahmed-Guerrero are not only best friends but also business partners and owners of The Fairest One, a mobile hair and airbrush company. Some warn that going into business with your best friend can be difficult. However, in Jennifer and Mariam’s case, it appears to be the key to their success.

These two women makes it evident that they have a bond that is based on trust, respect and honesty – qualities anyone would want in a business partner. Perhaps, Jennifer and Mariam are such close friends because their journeys are so similar. Both women began their careers in the financial services industry before relenting to their passion, following their heart and creating the lives they want.

Jennifer, who serves as The Fairest One’s lead hairstylist, explains that while working for an investment firm she earned a very nice salary but she wasn’t fulfilled. When she became serious about leading the life she really wanted, she created a plan and put it into motion. She resigned from her position, enrolled in a cosmetology program and, to save money, moved back in her with her family. Although she was sure of her decision, people around her did not quite understand. Her supervisor at the investment firm scoffed that she would never make that kind of money again. Jennifer was not deterred and remained committed to realizing her goals. Armed with all of the determination she could muster, Jennifer excelled in the cosmetology program, graduated at the top of her class and became fully-licensed.

Mariam, who is the company’s lead makeup artist, has always loved makeup and began taking cosmetology classes in high school. She was certain she wanted a career in the beauty industry. Unfortunately, she was told that it was not a real career so she pursued the more reliable path of finance and backing. However, she could not shake her true passion. Mariam maintained her corporate position but began to build a solid base of hair and makeup clients. After five years of building a strong clientele, Mariam finally gathered the courage she needed to leave her ten-year career in banking and pursue her life long dream on a full-time basis.

Jennifer and Mariam’s paths crossed and it was not a coincidence. When they met, with similar careers and a shared passion, they developed a quick friendship and a close bond. They were able to support each other as they made the decision to no longer live the lives that were expected but to pursue the lives they wanted.

Jennifer and Mariam have built an award-winning business that consistently garners rave reviews from the clients they help to feel their most beautiful during their most special moments. Their friendship has proven to be an incredible benefit instead of a detrimental disadvantage. Their success proves that amazing things happen when women come together!